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Why You Should Rekey Your Home or Business Place?

After losing your keys and finding them, you sometimes feel that your home or locks are not as safe as before. You do not have to question if you are being paranoid or not; you can simply opt for rekeying to have peace of mind.

You should have new locks fitted when you purchase a new home to ensure that anyone who has an old key—whether it be the previous owners or anyone else they gave keys to—cannot enter.

After the repair, you should replace the locks, even if the house is brand new. The key should not be duplicated because other contractors may have them. Since your home is new and you don’t need to replace the complete lock system, rekeying is the best option.

The same scenario occurs if you are modifying your current residence. Keeping track of all the extra keys you give to various contractors who require access to your home can be challenging. Rekeying ensures that none of the old key’s work, removing the need to worry about whether you have all of them.

You can also change the locks when the residents of your home move. You might be getting divorced and want to keep your ex-spouse out of the house, or you might have a roommate who has moved out. It happens all the time: You lose your keys. Rekeying is an easy method to render the missing keys useless if you have a new one working perfectly.

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